Fun Zipper Pouches, Paper Party Supplies, and More, Handmade and Curated in Montclair, NJ by Claire Cohen.
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Montclair Creative Reuse Project

The Montclair Creative Reuse Project is committed to fostering resource conservation, artistic expression, and creativity in education. We value the sustainable practices of repurposing and repairing above over-consumerism. We accept donations of clean, usable, but unwanted surplus goods, thereby diverting them from the waste stream. These materials are then made available to educators, artists, and the general public at affordable prices, demonstrating our core principles of Make, Fix, Share.


The Montclair Creative Reuse Project strives to change people’s thinking about sustainability and the environment. We want to be the first thing you think of when you’re downsizing, replacing something, or throwing things away. In many cases, they can be donated to the MCRP to serve our mission!

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Home of Boomerang Bags - Montclair, NJ!

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Boomerang Bags Montclair

Boomerang Bags Montclair

Boomerang Bags Montclair