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Cycling Is My Passion

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"Cycling is my passion". This phrase is delivered with deadpan perfection in the insurance company commercial and just thinking about it makes me laugh. But when I want to take a vacation in my mind, the imagery of riding off into the sunset on my bike is easy to access. I am openly trying to recapture my 13-year-old self on a 10-day YMCA  Adventure Camp bike trip from Portland, ME to Acadia National Park, a trip that truly informed my identity as a non-car-owning, casual-clothes-wearing, groceries-taste-better-when-you-carry-them-home-on-your-bike bike rider. Biking is my passion!

Montclair is a bike community! Bike & Walk Montclair are local advocates for bike and pedestrian safety and programming in our township. And NJ Bike & Walk Coalition shares their mission statewide, including their campaign for The Greenway, which terminates in Montclair!

You can grab a bike from the Montclair Guerrilla Bike Share, or rent one from Diamond Cycle, and ride one of the Montclair History Center's self-guided tours

And the cutest bikers in town can be found on Fridays riding in the Montclair Bike Bus

All this riding around Montclair is great, but sometimes I like to get out of town and ride too! I'm planning another bike packing trip down the shore this summer! In 2019 I rode down but not back, this year I plan to ride back up too. Stay tuned and enjoy the ride!

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