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Claire Wear

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When I first looked at this booth pic that an old friend recently sent me I was mortified. But when I took a second to put it in context I was able to get past the late 80’s parachute pants and appreciate the moment in time that it captures. 

It was one of the first shows I did with a real booth. I used white grid wall to display the hand painted silk scarves that I created using Shibori and Gutta resist techniques. And it's the scarves that are the star of this image for me.

My business was called Claire Wear. 

I used Sennelier Tinfix dye and solvent based resists exclusively because they gave me the results I wanted, sharp lines and bright, paintable colors. When I used a Shibori technique I wrapped the silk scarf around a PVC tube with waxed linen and painted the dye on. My favorite scarves combined Shibori and gutta resist, an example of this can be seen in the lower right corner of that first pic, an orange colored scarf featuring my original design.

Process pics of me painting and wrapping silk scarves...

I stopped painting scarves when I started making shoes full time for Mik and Those Shoes. That's a story for another day...

Thankful to see that pic again after so many years! Thanks, Ken!

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