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ICYMI: Asbury Park Summer Bazaar

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I've lived in NJ my entire life but, believe it or not, I've never been to Asbury Park! I jumped at the chance when I saw a social media post reminding applicants that the deadline for the Asbury Park Summer Bazaar was fast approaching. I was excited to be accepted, it was a fantastic last minute addition to my summer schedule! 

This event is held indoors at the Convention Hall which turned out to be great protection from the rain that day. It also gave me more flexibility with my display. Since I didn't have to contend with the wind I could hang more delicate paper garlands and I didn't have to clothespin the lightweight zipper pouches to prevent them from blowing away in a gust. 

The crowd was great all day! 

Photo credit: Asbury Park Bazaar

My dad provided transportation and I enjoyed spending the day with him. On the way home he commented "Your work makes people smile and laugh!" which just made a great day even better!

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