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ICYMI: Back to Back Events

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All the events I've had leading up to this weekend were the perfect way to prime my system for the back to back events I booked for last weekend- the Glen Ridge Arts & Eco Fair on Saturday and the Montclair Flea on Sunday. And what a weekend! The weather cooperated, though the threat of rain on Saturday afternoon made tear down a bit chaotic and had me worrying that I'd be packing up the rental car with wet gear. A downpour never materialized and the light drizzle didn't disrupt my plans. So grateful!
My booth on Saturday at the Glen Ridge Arts & Eco Fair
Showing off my plarn tote purchase from another vendor, ignore my closed eyes!
The weather on Sunday was picture perfect! I arrived early to set up because I had extra items to display. I was excited to merchandise all the vintage goodies that I curate alongside my handmade products. Folks responded to the vintage field guide books exactly as I expected- with deep nostalgia and excitement! The turnout was amazing and I was grateful to be at the end of the row or I might have felt overwhelmed by the crowd!
The Montclair Flea was the perfect opportunity to merchandise my handmade and vintage goods together!
What a great turnout!
This week I've been recovering and relaxing, listing new items in my Etsy shop, and making new inventory for my next event, my trunk show at Yarnia! I feel like I'm on a roll with events this year and I'm so grateful to everyone I met and to those who made a purchase from me, supporting my business! Thanks! -Claire from Montclair Made 

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