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ICYMI: Recent Pop-Ups Downtown

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My in-person event season has gotten off to a fantastic start! In case you missed it, I popped up at Anthropologie with my Montclair Made paper heart garlands, and introduced my Montclair Creative Reuse Project to the community at Montclair's Earth Fest!

At Anthropologie I displayed paper heart garlands, delicate decorations made from repurposed papers like vintage sheet music, field guide books, and atlas pages. I brought my sewing machine and stitched up garlands at the event. Midway through my scheduled time my friend Stephanie from Styled Blu arrived unexpectedly and popped up across from me! It was great to catch up with her and I stayed 2 hours longer than I planned thanks to her!

This past Sunday I participated in the first Montclair's Earth Fest on South Park Street. At this event I introduced the Montclair Creative Reuse Project to the community. The response from folks I met and talked to was energizing! A lot of people were familiar with the idea of a creative reuse center and were super supportive. Other people offered materials donations and took my card so that we can connect in the future. And so many people took advantage of my "pay what you can" offer and filled a bag and paid what it was worth to them, adding meaning to their purchase and demonstrating the feasibility of the project, motivating me to continue!

These events were the perfect way for me to venture back into in-person vending. In both cases I loaded up my hand truck and pushed my gear around the corner and down the block, my preferred hyper local method! The weather was perfect, the people were amazing, and now I'm excited for future events!

Hope to see you at one of my upcoming markets!

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