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Montclair Collage Banner Signs Revealed

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I'm busy remaking my labels, hang tags, invoices, and business cards with my new shop banner logo! While remaking my banner hasn't rebranded my business, it was a necessary refresher, and reminder of spring in the air.

Here is the original post about reshooting signs for a new shop banner logo. Were you able to identify where any of the letters came from? Some are obvious, others more challenging. Below are the original pics I took and where they are located. I also note which letter from the sign was cropped out for the banner.

The first letter, M, was chosen from a photo of the sign in front of Planned Parenthood.

The O came from this picture taken at the Montclair Book Center.

The N was on the side of a garbage can, the signage expressing "Montclair, Where the Suburb Meets the City". (I always thought it should be phrased Where the Suburbs Meet the City instead!)

The T came from the Montclair Breast Center sign.

The C is from the ice machine at the Shell on Bay at Bloomfield Ave.

The L was high atop the entrance to Lackawanna Plaza. I was determined to use a letter from this sign, they are iconic!

The A was from one of the familiar pedestrian right of way signs.

The I was from our local chalk paint haven, Verdigreen Home. (See my reflection?)

And finally, the R came from a picture of the sign on the Glenridge Ave. post office.

They were all taken in my neighborhood, downtown Montclair, where I live and work!


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