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Montclair Made Out and About

My recent run of craft shows and events have been fun! It's always nice to get out and meet with my customers, see old friends, and inspire people to find the perfect gift for others or themselves. If you follow my Facebook business page or have read my previous blog posts here, you may be familiar with my excitement for these events, and the hard work I put into making each one as successful as possible. Here are some pictures of my display at the last few shows I participated in. 

Here's a shot of my display at the STEMfest at the Glen Ridge Women's Club.
The Pop-Up market at Tierney's was a night filled with music and friends. Here's my display from that event.
The 5th Annual Walnut Street Fair took place on a beautiful day and, as expected, attendance was high, and I saw many people I know and had a successful day. It was exciting for me to display my new banner that was created from the logo I recently remade.
And most recently I participated in the 2017 Kearny Food Truck and NJ Craft Beer Festival, an event which supports the Kearny PBA Local #21.
Keep up with me on Facebook to find out about any upcoming events in and around Montclair. Hope to see you soon!

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