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Activism Through Craft = Craftivism

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As we move forward, many people who are feeling uncertain of the future are seeking ways to make change happen. Daily actions like making phone calls, attending rallies, or sending emails are having positive results, and no doubt this focus will stay energized. More and more creative people are thoughtfully fundraising for a variety of important causes by developing beautiful products and donating a portion of the proceeds. These actions of activism through craft are mini peaceful protests, giving new meaning to objects we will use proudly, continuing our important conversations, and supporting the organizations that do righteous work for the benefit of all humanity.

I've collected a few examples of local craftivism here because I'm so proud of all my friends who, like me, "create for change". Please click through the links to see all the donation details of each product.

My craftivist creation is my reaction to a friend's comment about symbols as identifiers and the power they wield. Wear this pin as a badge of your humanity and desire for unity in the world. I chose a tetrahedron design for many reasons: oneness, trinity, creation, evolution, the connections between individuals, peace.


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