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Women In My Neighborhood - Azie from Verdigreen Home

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In this new feature, Women In My Neighborhood, I recognize women in downtown Montclair, where I live and work, who inspire, educate, or work here as well. This first installment features Azie from Verdigreen Home, a family-owned and operated shop located at 182 Glenridge Avenue. It's home to local artisans and upcycled vintage décor, complimented by a do-it-yourself workshop where they stock Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan and other related products, so fun!

I asked Azie a few questions about what inspires her when she's consulting and designing. For more information about Verdigreen Home be sure to check out their website and if you're looking for creative inspiration head over to the shop and chat with her about your next project!

Do you have a favorite color? Yes, rainbow.
Is it the same as your favorite color of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®? I love Napoleonic Blue - it looks like blue velvet! 

I see you just announced the top Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® colors for 2016. Are they in line with your personal favorites? No, actually. While I love all of the colors, I tend to paint in more lively hues and avoid the neutrals myself. I am bohemian to my core.


Do you personally pick all the furniture in the shop? Yes, I do! Treasure hunting is one of my favorite pastimes.

How do you approach a project? I am impulsive - the pieces have a mind of their own and I feel like the translator. 

Do you let the piece dictate the treatment you give it? Always. Unless it's a client piece in which case the client dictates it and I try to gently nudge them in the direction the piece wants to go in.

What inspires your upholstery choices? I love ethnic handmade textiles and collect them so I have a nice stash of fabrics that inspire my designs.

Do you enjoy working with textiles or paint techniques more? I love both! The paint finish compliments the fabric so they're equally important to the design.


What is the most challenging thing about using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® with repurposed materials? Knowing when to stop! You could continue to paint and wax and glaze and gild and distress and repeat forever! It's like therapy and immediately gratifying so it can be addictive but sometimes simpler is best. 

What hidden treasure in the neighborhood would you tell a visitor is a must-see before they leave? The Creativity Caravan on S. Fullerton.


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